In November 2019, and within the MedFilm project implemented in partnership with UNESCO and Co-Funded by the EU, Fe-Male participated in the 13th edition of Women’s Film Festival of Salé in Rabat, Morocco. The festival was preceded with a regional conference titled “Enhancing a gender responsive film sector in the Maghreb-Mashreq region” with representatives of the seven beneficiaries of the UNESCO program, based in the five Arab countries involved, namely, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, as well as international experts, and different actors of the film industry.
In the conference, Fatima Zein Eddine, Fe-Male’s Media coordinator and board member, presented Fe-Male’s work on enhancing gender-equality in film sector, and mainly the achievement of creating and launching the first of its kind in the Arab world online directory ( that gathered the profiles of 190+ female professionals in the filmmaking industry. Zein Eddine, also highlighted Fe-Male’s work on promoting women’s rights and gender-equality through media and on ground, and she contributed to the final recommendations from the conference.