Donors and partners: UN Women and Save the Children International,

Objective: This project aimed at spreading gender equality knowledge and helping in the prevention and elimination of violence against women especially in areas outside the capital and establishing a network of youth that would be engaged in civil society activities leading to a channel of women and men challenging gender stereotypes in these communities.

Key Activities:

  • A network of young women and men from two conservative rural areas in the North and the South of Lebanon (Nabatieh and Tripoli) was established, who later on became our partners in mobilization for gender equality1

  • Capacity building workshops on gender, feminism, human rights, advocacy and positive masculinities, that helped shape their attitudes and perceptions;

  • Documentary screenings and discussions and learning trips.

  • Production of around 20 artworks among which were paintings, posters, short videos, and pamphlets that tackled controversial topics like child marriage and refutation of the existence of gender roles in the society.