Our Story

Fueled by these observations, FEMALE was established and took the challenge to:

  • Play a role in building a strong and intersectional national, local and regional feminist movement;
  • Bring about social behavioral change;
  • Promote gender equality, diversity and inclusivity;
  • Challenge systems and manifestations of violence and oppression.

Since then, we grew our movement to include hundreds of feminists and youth. We:

  • Produced feminist knowledge;
  • Established networks and organized tens of protests and innovative actions;
  • Raised the awareness of and trained women, girls, journalists, artists, activists and community members;
  • Launched innovative and impactful campaigns;
  • And most importantly contributed to socio-political reforms and changing lives of hundreds of our right holders.

Representation of young voices and intersectional approaches

In 2013 a remarkable feminist movement was born, when a group of less than 10 passionate young feminists and journalists came together with a common vision: A just world, free from patriarchy. This visionary collective, FEMALE, swiftly emerged as one of the leading grassroots civil feminist nonprofit organizations aiming for change in Lebanon and the SWANA region Motivated by their years of activism, the founders of FEMALE recognized a crucial need for a stronger representation of young voices and intersectional approaches within the feminist movement. They also noticed a concerning misrepresentation of women and girls in media and advertisements, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and objectification.


Women and girls in all their diversities live with dignity in a just world, free from patriarchy.


FEMALE is a community based non-profit grassroot feminist organization that works towards a just and safe world for women and girls in all their diversities through driving social-behavioral changes, movement building, knowledge production and dissemination, and policy reform.




Transparency and Accountability

Participatory and Transformative




  • Contribute to strengthening and expanding the local and regional feminist movements.
  • Challenge all types of gender-based violence represented in socio-political misconceptions/misinformation, attitudes, and practices
  • Reclaim all spaces and rights represented in the physical and virtual world to ensure ultimate safety and inclusivity of women and girls in all their diversities.
  • Lead on organisational development through enhancing FEMALE’s structure, Governance, and internal operational tools and capacities.


FEMALE Centers: Safe Haven for those who were Left Behind One of our main objectives is to strengthen the local, national and regional feminist movement. Also, one of our core values is Decentralization, and we practice what we preach. Through our 4 centers in different remote and marginalized areas; Tripoli, Nabatieh, Beirut and Bekaa we provide a safe haven for women, girls, non-binary and marginalized individuals and youth to: meet, network, express themselves, share innovative ideas, learn, plan, develop their skills, access resources, organize, break the unjust restrictions and power dynamics and serve their communities. FEMALE centers serve as vital hubs that provide a safe space for sharing stories, nurturing dreams, and fostering transformation. Inside their doors, resilience and determination permeate the air as women and girls in all their diversities gather to learn, support one another, and ignite change.