Who We are

Fe-Male is a civil feminist collective working with women and girls to eliminate injustice through building young feminist movement, empowering agents of change, and campaigning together against discriminatory norms and policies. Fe-Male was registered as a National Non-Governmental Organisation in 2013 (registered under the number 867/2013 AD).


Strategic Objectives

Fe-Male has identified 4 strategic objectives to achieve its mission:

1- Strengthen and expand the organization’s financial and human resources through developing our capacities on raising funds, PME programs and mobilizing volunteers;
2- Contribute to building a young feminist movement in the region through spreading and deepening feminist knowledge and activism;
3-Promote gender-sensitive media coverage and challenge inequalities and the stereotypical women’s image in media and audio-visual sectors in Lebanon and the region;
4- Contribute to building a safe and abuse-free digital media world where women and girls can enjoy their rights in accessing online information on social media platform while advocating to drive up the numbers of women in technology and close the gender gap in the ICT sector