Objectives: In 2015, Fe-Male created the first online feminist platform in the Middle East, Sharika Wa Laken, which is the Arabic for: “A Partner, But Not Yet Equal”. Sharika Wa Laken started out as a feminist radio show, which aimed at raising awareness on women’s rights such as citizenship rights, social, gender and legal equality and the necessity to create a civil state. The show broadcasted for two and a half years on one of the local Lebanese radio stations, Sawt El Shaab (Voice of People). From May 2012 up until September 2014, girls, women, NGO representatives, journalists, lawyers, legislators, activists, members of civil society, and public figures were engaged in live discussions for 55 minutes around more than 100 topics related to women’s rights, but with the rise of social media and its importance in disseminating knowledge, Sharika Wa Laken was transformed into a website, with platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud and Instagram.

SWL now serves as a platform to promote feminism and gender equality and works towards ensuring that girls, women, LGBTQI+ community have access to resources, information and protection.

In the years 2018 & 2019, SWL witnessed additional growth of this online initiative in terms of reach, production, impact, and contribution to increasing the awareness of the public on women’s causes, influencing policies, and ensuring women’s and girls’ protection.  A large network of journalists, reporters, and correspondents were established during these two years, better presence on search engines was achieved, and the average number of users of the website grew day after day.

Key activities:

    • Producing and disseminating feminist production and women’s rights news;
      • Highlighting women’s successes and challenges;
      • Producing written and filmed articles and reports and innovative and creative online content;
      • Launching and supporting advocacy campaigns that support women’s rights;
      • Monitoring and documenting everything related to women and girls rights in Lebanon;
      • Raising awareness on all causes related to women’s rights.