In Their Words

For us, the V is all about our Volunteers who raise the voice, defend their values and achieve victories.

Here's part of the amazing group of people who we feel proud to have as a huge part of our venture. Our volunteers are vocal. They are our valuable assets. And we will always listen to their powerful voice.

"I cannot talk about FeMale without being emotional. Since the day I joined Fe-male, I got rid of the shy girl inside, and my character changed for the better. Today, I am more confident to speak loudly about my rights, and to express my opinion freely. I am becoming a strong advocate of my rights and the rights of women around me. I learned a lot about the different forms of gender based violence, and how to confront them. Fe-male taught me that women's voices are a revolution and that we should raise them in the face of patriar-chy."

Batoul Ezzeddine

"Working with Fe-male has had an impact on me in ways that I never ex-pected. I have met women from different backgrounds and cultures, and heard their stories and listened to their strug-gles. I have learned that although we can be so different, we are still the same when it comes to fighting for our rights. I now know that our power is not bound by limits, and that the patriarchal society shall one day be broken. Women are the future of all societies, and a bright better future is ahead of us."

Zahraa Berjawi

"Since joining Fe-Male, feminism became to me more than a concept, it became a way of life. The knowledge and skills I gained while being part of FeMale shaped the way I perceive things. I aspire to achieve gender equality in my day-to-day encounters and to promote it when dealing with people around me and in my community. I crossed all the social barriers that were standing in my way, and I learned to fight any form of discrimination against women. Fe-Male helped me draw a new path; to be loud about my rights and free from the society's restrictions on me as a woman."

Jamila Khodor

"In Fe-Male I found a safe and caring environment that I didn't find elsewhere, The support and encouragement from my friends and co-workers at Fe-Male, those with beautiful souls, always makes me feel that I am not alone and there will always be someone standing by me. I am blessed to be part of an environment that trusts in every woman's capabilities and brings the best in her, because that is what specifically happened with me. I learned from Fe-Male that every girl is beautiful inside out and that she should speak of her rights with no fear "

Marie Lou Baydoun

"Three years ago, I was fortunate enough to become a member of Fe-Male. It was an opportunity for me to learn and participate in many advocacy events, projects, workshops and marches that promote women's rights and an inclusive society, in addition to the valuable networking with influential people. I have made both professional and personal experiences that I cherish and will do my best to use for the benefit of my community and to continue the fight for gender equality"

Maria Maalouf

"Ever since I joined Fe-Male six years ago, I learned the true meaning of Feminism; and that is empowering other women and to appreciate the rights they have and encouraging them to speak their mind, free of all the fake restrictions that the society imposes on them."

Mariam Al Khodari

"For me feminism is not just a movement, it is more an ideology and life style that ensures respect of women's rights and freedom in all domains on the basis of equality and justice."

Reine Salame

"Before joining Fe-Male, I never used to pay attention to media or advertisements. The ads we see on the streets do not represent us; our projects pinpointed ways to give women more roles in ads and change the misconception that women are either supermodels or housewives. We highlight issues that were once ignored"

Моnа Yaacoub

"Feminism tells you that you shouldn't judge people based on their social class, political affiliation, colour or nationality. Feminism breaks gender stereotypes that we grew up with. This is exactly why 1 wanted to join Fe-Male for; to challenge myself to do that "

Najwa Yassine

"Women's rights issues are humanitarian not just local issues"

Larissa Aoun

Journalist - Sky news Arabia

"Professionalism attracts higher ratings because it tackles several angles of the issue and wiges the audience to further reflect instead of string things up for a short period of time "

Sahar Arnaout

Journalist - Al Horra