Youth are always at the heart of any change in any generation! Ever since Fe-Male established a partnership with The International Labor Organization-ILO within “My Fair Home” project, and in continuation for its work with youth all over Lebanon, the target was to build a core network of youth that pushes for the change in the status of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon and the public’s attitudes and perceptions towards their rights.

A youth network composed of more than 15 young women and men from different areas in the country was established and mobilized over more than 2 years to raise the awareness on MDWs rights and change the attitudes and behaviors of employers and the public towards them. Within the global “My Fair Way” Campaign, Fe-Male launched the nation-wide “My Fair Home” Campaign that pushed for a just treatment of MDWs and the abolishing the unjust “Kafala” system.

During the two-year campaign, Fe-Male was able to sensitize the public on MDWs rights through the campaign’s Facebook page which reached more than 6 million people up until this date, and the youth network that visited more than 10 universities in Lebanon and reached out to more than 400 hundred students.