We chose to celebrate the migrant domestic workers differently during the year 2020. We wanted to listen, to give them a safe space to speak about what they endure while being away from their families in a foreign country that does not respect their minimal rights as human beings.For the occasion of Christmas and the New Year, Fe-Male gathered more than 30 migrant domestic workers in an open mic event, and listened to them tell their stories and how the “Kafala” system obliges them to be away from their families on Holidays.
With the theme “Holidays Away from Home”, more than 30 migrant workers gathered and celebrated the holiday season where tears of happiness and sadness combined.They shared with the youth network and each other their feelings about what it is like to be trapped in a house with no access to your passport or even your salary.
Even though the MDW told misfortunate stories, Fe-Male’s youth network, with their positive spirits, love and heartfelt solidarity, managed to let them overcome these moments of sadness and dance and sing with joy!