As an organization concerned with awareness raising and capacity building, and that seeks to spread feminist knowledge and the concept of gender equality among youth all over Lebanon, in addition to contributing to building a strong young feminist movement in the country in favor of each women and girl rights, Fe-Male sought to widen its compass and reach out to build and prepare a network of young women and men from two different areas outside the capital.
In partnership with Save the Children International, and within a project funded by UN Women and titled “Young Voices Challenging Inequalities”, Fe-Male was able to attract the younger generation in two rural areas, namely Tripoli (North Lebanon) and Nabatieh (South Lebanon), and to enrich their background knowledge on human rights causes and to raise their awareness on gender equality and all forms of discrimination and violence against women, to later on become partners in the mobilization for gender equality.

Therefore, two feminist clubs were established in these two areas, comprised of 30 Arts, Communication Arts (Journalism, Radio & TV, Advertising, Public Relations, theatre) and Graphic and Interior Design university students. The feminist club members underwent five capacity building workshops on gender, feminism, human rights, positive masculinities, advocacy and mobile journalism, to which more than 15 artworks (paintings, short videos, pamphlets, photographs …) were produced highlighting the different angles of inequality and tackling controversial topics like child marriage, GBV, shared responsibility in the household, sexual and reproductive rights, and the importance of abolishing the differences between genders. The Feminist Clubs were Fe-Male’s way to mingle in these conservative areas and build a strong network that is capable of influencing others and that is able to be the change towards a just future free of Patriarchy.