Donors and partners: UN Women and Her Story Global Campaign

Objective: “HerStory” Campaign honors the women who have shaped humanity and history in all fields. It strives to recognize the achievements and contributions of extraordinary women who have made a significant difference. What has been written and recorded throughout history about women’s contributions has been minimal. Those in control or in power have chosen what gets recorded in history, and because decision making is often dominated by men, women’s contributions have frequently been overlooked.

Key Activity:

For the occasion of the International Youth Day, Fe-Male organized two back to back translation/ edit-a-thon events titled: “Towards Safe Spaces and Cyber Security for Youth” for the purpose of circulating feminist knowledge. The edit-a-thon is a global project which aims to promote and update Wikipedia content to contribute to closing the gender gap online. During these events, more than 40 youth, mostly young women, focused on translating English biographies and profiles of Arab women into Arabic, and then uploading them on Wikipedia. It is the belief that the power of the written and recorded word is profound, that this idea came into life.