Donors and partners: The European Union, UNESCO, and Dawaer

Objective: Promotion of a non-stereotyped female representation in films through mobilizing CSOs in the Mashreq and Maghreb countries to advocate for gender equality and freedom of expression in the film sector.

Promoting gender equality and freedom of expression in the film sector was Fe-Male’s new approach to challenging the stereotypical image of women’s image in media.

Key Activities:

  • Creation of a regional network of CSOs empowered to advocate for change in policies and raising awareness on this non-stereotyped image in seven countries in the MENA region, namely Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia;

  • Creation of an online directory which incorporated the profiles of 180+ female filmmakers 

  • Conducting regional focus group discussions involving key actors in the civil society, experts, women from the film industry and activists who came up with recommendations to promote gender equality in the audio-visual sector;

  • Conducting regional capacity development workshop targeting partner CSOs and women from film industry and a Regional conference titled “Promoting Gender Equality and Breaking Stereotypes About Women and Their Role in the Film Industry” that gathered media personnel, filmmakers, activists, researchers and stakeholders where its different panels discussed the various ways to promote women in the film industry and the initiatives in the MENA region that fed into this objective.