Another event blown away by Fe-Male’s monitoring and quick response to abusive ads and promotions was the Lebanese Underground artist Zeid Hamdan’s announcement to his concert, where minutes after he published the poster of his upcoming concert in in April 2013, at Radio Beirut (Mar Mikhael), a tornado of condemning posts were unleashed against it, after the campaign we launched on both Fe-Male and Sharika wa Laken’s online platforms.
The poster at that time showed topless protesters from the global “Femen” Movement, on which the caption said: “Show your breasts and get a free entrance.” Fe-Male’s team back then stated that this announcement is “a blatant exploitation of women’s bodies, just to sell more tickets”, calling for “all women to boycott the party and to stand against similar future objectification of their bodies.” Zeid was forced to apologize and to change the poster, admitting that this was a mistake and that it was only meant to be a “joke”.