Since its establishment, Fe-Male has always strived to strengthen the feminist movement, advance women’s rights, spread the demands and voice of every woman and girl, and empower them to take the lead in their lives.
On October 17, 2019, Lebanon witnessed the first non-sectarian revolution after the civil war that calls for social, economic and political reformations and rights. People from different backgrounds and socio-economic classes, overcame their religious and political divergences, and went down to the streets demanding their long-called for rights and asking for the abolishing of the toxic political practices and the flawed economic system. The situation in October 2019 was critical but also promising, as finally the Lebanese women witnessed a real revolution against the patriarchal corrupt system that oppresses them in all means.
From its onset, Fe-Male’s members and every woman and girl that have once participated directly or indirectly in our activities, have been an integral part of October 17th revolution, where they demonstrated effective feminist participation, leadership, and courage. Fe-Male’s team (staff, members, feminist clubs and a number of women and girls we work with) was on the frontlines playing a vital role in the revolution mainly through having formed feminist committees and been active in the different aspects of the revolution, including mobilizing women and girls and the public, leading chants and discussions, ensuring the protection of female protesters, the documentation of moments of revelation, cleaning the streets in the morning of each new day… They were the binding force that connected the different groups of women who were the inspiration of the revolution. With determination and pride, women and girls were taking the lead of a rightful and very much needed rise-up in the country, and after years of struggle and devotion to have women’s causes and struggles as the foundation of all change in the country especially for the civil society that seeks to promote partnerships, equality and engaging in the policy making. Additionally, this revolution was by all means a feminist revolution where feminist causes were largely present, unifying thousands around them, and having the masses call for them.