In October 2015, within “Towards Changing Women’s Image in Media and Ads” campaign that was implemented by Fe-Male in partnership with ActionAid Arab Region Initiative, Fe-Male and its active members went down to a strategic area in Lebanon in order to make a statement about women’s objectification and drew a graffiti on the walls of Achrafieh in Beirut.
This graffiti was part of the field activities of the project which included others like awareness-raising sessions in universities and panel discussions to promote a non-stereotypical image of women in media and ads. The graffiti was drawn by a young female artist with the help of 10 volunteers from Fe-Male on one of the most strategic walls of Beirut that is directly facing Achrafieh Borj Al Ghazal junction, which connects the main areas in Beirut, by this, it was guaranteed, that hundreds of people will daily see the wall while going to or coming from Hamra, Down Town, Achrafieh, Adlieh, Sodeco, Salim Slam, Ain El Mraiseh, and thinking of a new aspect of women’s rights that they might have not crossed their minds before.