Ongoing Domestic violence and crimes are faced by Women and girls in Lebanon every day. Some of the cases were reported throughout the media and supported by NGOs, spreading awareness and fighting to get justice for the victims. Unfortunately, till this day, abusers find ways around the law to commute their penalty, hide behind the patriarchal system and escape just punishment.

Since the beginning of the year 2020, the cases of domestic violence crimes has  recorded a big increase: during only the first week of 2020, 6 crimes against women and girls were reported. And during the first months of the lockdown because of the Covid19 pandemic, the Lebanese internal security forces documented an increase of 100% increase in the reported cases of domestic violence on its Hotline!

Fe-Male, and within the project “Young Voices Challenging Inequalities” in partnership with UN Women and Kafa organization, launched an Online campaign emphasizing that women and girls survivors and victims of violence are not numbers but humans who have stories and the right to protection.

The Online campaign was launched on Fe-Male’s feminist news website “Sharika wa Laken” and its digital media Platforms during the 16 days of activism highlighting the raise of domestic violence crimes and unfolding women and girls victims’ untold stories. This campaign was very well received by the audience, where we reached 1 616 850 people, 808 951 views, and a 393 044 engagement (including 8867 likes, 839 comments, and 405 shares).

With its Call to action “Reporting Domestic violence crimes is our responsibility”, the campaign included human stories that aimed to connect and touch the audience in order to create a deep and meaningful interaction, making them relate with these victims’ stories and encourage them to support the cause and take action.

Below you can find and check the content produced within this campaign.

Three videos were produced highlighting the stories of Lamar, a 4 years old girl murdered by her Father, Shadia, a young Syrian refugee who was murdered by her husband and her body was found in pieces thrown in a water stream in Bekaa, and Zeinab, a young girl who was kidnapped, raped and burned alive.







A vox pop was conducted asking people on the streets about the names of some domestic violence victims, reminding people that these women and girls shouldn’t be forgotten and that their stories should be a motive for us to report and act against domestic violence.


A Media coverage video that combined short parts of news covering domestic violence cases across Lebanon during the last year highlighting the cruelty against women and girls and the increase of such crimes.


The campaign also included an animated video showcasing the increasing official numbers of domestic violence reporting in Lebanon to highlight the rising danger and the importance to take action.