Fe-Male trained adolescent girls on Mobile Journalism (MoJo) to help them amplify the voices and needs of women in their communities.

Within the project titled Beirut Blast: The Untold Stories of Women and Girls and their Role in Recovery and in partnership with Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund and UN Women, Fe-Male conducted a training on Mobile Journalism (MoJo) targeting young girls. The aim of the training was to enhance, through the use of mobile phones, the knowledge and skills of adolescent girls to produce content from within their communities and consequently influencing decision-making and policies related to peace building and recovery.

The training was delivered during 3 days, 25th, 26th and 27th March 2022 at Fe-Male’s safe space in Beirut with adolescent girls coming from different areas affected by the Beirut Blast. Among the participants, ten girls aged between thirteen to eighteen participated where a specialist in Mobile Journalism, Rola Farhat designed and delivered the training in a friendly way taking into consideration the girls’ age and personal situation. The teens showed high interest in using storytelling as a tool to deal with their communities’ needs and problems. Following this phase, there was the mentoring phase, as well as working in groups to ensure peer to peer exchange and support between them. 

The teenagers have worked closely with the trainer and Fe-Male’s team who are in charge of following their learning development on this specific topic. They worked in teams to submit an idea and start producing the stories. The whole program was implemented over two months, the application of knowledge and another mentoring session was delivered on May the 13th to finalize the story productions and evaluation. The results of the training were 3 personal stories of girls affected by the blast documented by the girls through the mobile video shooting and editing.