Sunday, October 2nd, a number of women, feminists, and supporters from around Lebanon came together and took to the streets to stand in solidarity with change-makers and pioneers fighting for justice across Iran, and to protest the ongoing attacks and femicide Iranian women face today.

Fe-Male took part in organizing and mobilizing for this protest due to the importance and urgency of shedding light on this cause and based on our belief that women’s protection and freedom require cross-border solidarity and activism among women and feminists.

Women across Iran are being brutally faced with police and societal violence, as they protest wearing the Hijab being a mandatory policy instead of a choice. This led to the beating and killing of Mahsa Al Amini, who was a pioneer protesting for change.

Feminists all around the world are showing their discontent with this oppression, and brutality. Women all around Lebanon felt the need to express their anger and show their support for Iranian protestors because standing together at this time is crucial.

“We’re here to stand in solidarity with these women and remember Mahsa al Amini. The ongoing femicide and oppression are not okay. We all need to support these change makers and constantly stress the importance of this issue. We’re all Mahsa al Amini; our silence on the killing of one of us kills all of us” said Marie Lou Baydoun, Journalist, and Fe-Male board member.

The protest’s slogan was “Woman. Life. Freedom”, and tens of feminists from around the country stood at 5:00 PM in front of the Beirut National Museum to show their support and solidarity.

Protestors were diverse, and many, as all stood for a single common cause. People were carrying flyers and signs containing chants such as “Iran’s Uprising Is All Women’s Uprising”, “Our bodies; Our choice”, and “Patriarchy is a murderous system”.

Overall, the stand sent a message that committing a crime against one woman commits a crime against all of us, and the fight for justice is ongoing. There is no giving up, and hopefully, we will see progress for women around Iran and around the world.