Since the explosion of the Syrian crisis in the year 2011, and the influx of Syrian refugees to Lebanon, the Lebanese authority and civil society actors have been trying to find ways to cope with the big numbers arriving to the different areas in the country. Women and men from different ages and backgrounds ran away from the war zone in their country seeking refuge in the closest country to their borders, Lebanon. Youth found themselves in a foreign country, getting discriminated at because of their nationality and finding difficulty in integrating in the Lebanese society.
ActionAid, under a project funded by Reach Out to Asia-ROTA, and titled “Educational, Economic and Social Development for Syrian and Lebanese Youth”, partnered with Fe-Male to ensure the visibility of the project. The project aimed at empowering youth and ensuring that young people from both refugee and host communities can engage in assessing the provision of services with specific focus on education, and formulate community-based initiatives to lead change in areas of social cohesion. The two-year project looked into improving the economic opportunities for youth in refugee and host communities in Lebanon through establishing and sustaining 10 business startups, and influencing policies on youth economic empowerment.
During the project, Fe-Male’s role was to document and raise awareness on the outcomes of the project through producing info-graphs, video-graphs, videos highlighting the success stories and coverage of every activity and event that was implemented under the project.