Building the capacities of journalists on gender-sensitive media coverage proved to be effective and essential, especially with the social media becoming a vital channel to providing information for the public.
Within “Promoting access to protection, participation and services for women refugees and women in host communities in Lebanon” project, Fe-Male partnered with EU Regional Trust Fund “Madad and the EuroMed Feminist Initiative-EFI to produce creative media and social media content highlighting the issues and stories of women and giving insight to both communities to see each other differently.
In the framework of the project, we reached out to several universities and civil society members within our network to put us in contact with senior journalism/media students and newly graduated journalists who might as well undergo a training workshop on gender-sensitive media coverage. The workshop was conducted on November 30 and December 1 gathering 21 senior communication arts and journalism students and fresh graduates coming from different areas in Lebanon.

During the two-day training workshop, the participants acquired new skills on covering women’s issues and women survivors of GBV cases in a gender-sensitive and transformative way. They were also challenged by the end of the workshop to produce, within a month’s time, social media material (short video, article, report…) for the chance to win a financial award for their production, and have their product shared on Fe-Male’s and Sharika wa Laken’s social media platforms.