Donors and partners: FRIDA| The Young Feminist Fund, Global Fund for Women, Oxfam and the Young Foundation

Objective: Adaptation of a potentially game-changing approach-a social innovation lab-to advance young women and Trans youth’s rights, leadership, and collective action. This project aimed to give young women and Trans youth connections across sectors, financial resources, and access to networks and training platforms to develop their ideas and scale their projects.

Within Rootslab project, Fe-Male was the host organization for the female lead initiative “Know Your Place”, which aims at enabling women to make independent informed decisions and help them break traditional gender roles as well as boost their self-confidence through organizing and implementing different activities. As part of its work on spreading feminist knowledge, creating channels to access information, and building a young feminist movement, Fe-Male was there to support KYP initiative and to help them in technical operation development and financial management, in the reach out process and in establishing new connections within the civil society community.