The Internet can have a positive and empowering digital impact on our life, it is made easier within one click and knowledge is made more accessible for all. But this dynamic environment can also be harmful for girls. Internet safety or “e-safety” for children can be an unexpected challenge, especially if your girls are native learners with well-developed skills in using their devices and navigating online in ways that parents never even imagined possible when they were kids.

Official data have revealed that most of the Cyber-crimes victims were young girls under 20 years old. Accordingly, Fe-Male in partnership with Mediterranean Women’s Fund launched a second phase of its campaign #ScreensDoNotProtect targeting parents. The campaign emphasized the right of girls to be present online and access the internet safely without being harassed or being abused, while advising about the importance of parents’ role in supporting their daughters and ensuring their cyber-security.

A social experiment video was produced raising the question on what do Parents know about their daughters’ lives online? Creating awareness on the threats girls are facing in the cyber world and how parents should deal with it.

Quizzes were posted on Instagram story and from the results and engagement, we noticed how much parents were interested on knowing more about best ways to guide their daughters and ensure their protection online, so we created an animated tips video.