Fe-Male, in partnership with ICNL, developed a pioneer toolkit on cyber-security and fighting cyber-crimes, mainly those perpetrated against women’s rights activists because of the work they do.

The training toolkit helps feminists in the MENA region plan and run digital security workshops in their communities and organizations. This toolkit is based on the results of the Feminist Cybersecurity Survey ran in April 2021 with regional WHRDs, in addition to three training workshops organized in Beirut and online for the regional audience. This toolkit is a resource for WHRDs in the region which can be used mainly to help them develop their feminist lens on internet politics and economics – in addition to security. Digital security work in our movement has often kept us on the defensive. We need to take more proactive approaches to securing ourselves, as well as contributing our analysis to the policy and design of the internet. It shall also support in understanding the overarching principles of digital security because recommended tools and apps change every day. The math, however, stays the same. We’ve designed this manual to help women, mainly activists, gain confidence and learn strategy so that, in the future, they can decide which tool suits them for what purpose and for how long.

Year of Production: 2021

→ Download PDF File Available in Arabic and English