In 2022, the economic crisis in Lebanon continued to reflect its negative repercussions on the access to sexual and reproductive health and rights of girls and women.

As the outbreak of cholera has spread to Lebanon, period poverty is now getting worse, and there is no solution on the horizon, while the government is still depending in many ways on non-governmental organizations to help women and girls.

Since 2019, Fe-Male had led the advocacy work on period poverty and contributed to raising the voice of women’s needs, especially when talking about SRHR. And ever since we are fighting period poverty not also through advocacy and campaigning, but also by distributing hygiene and sanitary kits across Lebanon.

While keeping the focus on policy change and campaigning work, turning our advocacy work into humanitarian was not an option, especially after the escalation of Lebanon’s situation, so we moved to the field to be a helpful hand to women and girls in need.

Based on the trust of the community… we received in 2022 a number of donations from individuals from the diaspora, scouts like “Groupe Saint Coeurs in Ain Najem in mount Lebanon”, and others.

With our message “To our sisters… with solidarity and love,” Fe-Male volunteers distributed more than 50 boxes of hygiene and sanitary kits, for the most marginalized families and women, in different areas in Beirut and other remote areas which included tampons, pads, and pads for the elderly and women with disability.