More often, journalists witness graphic evidence of death, or other people’s distresses, or are required to interview people who are bereaved or in shock, just for the sake of seeking and delivering the truth.
Within the framework of Fe-Male’s partnership with ABAAD on Naseej project “Protection and Mitigation of GBV against Women and Girls in Lebanon among Syrian Refugees and Vulnerable Host Communities” that is funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lebanon, six self-care sessions were conducted targeting more than 90 journalists and media coordinators from different national and international organizations working with women and girls survivors of gender-based violence.
The aim of the self-care sessions was to provide stress-releasing techniques for those in the frontlines of covering women survivors of GBV or traumatized women. Making use of the expertise of the certified life coach and the positive psychology expert, Milad Hadchiti, the material provided to the attendees during these sessions were delivered as a source of psychological rehabilitation while learning new stress coping strategies as well as breathing and mindfulness techniques, in addition to emotional regulation exercises.
In the video below, you can check testimonials of a number of prominent journalists who took part in one of the self-care session.