Donors and partners: ActionAid

Objective: Fe-Male was the first feminist organization in Lebanon that raised the issue of women’s objectification and their stereotypical image in media and advertisements.  We campaigned for the purpose of challenging women’s objectification in traditional and social media, mobilizing more than 2500 women and men for the cause, and engaging policy-makers and media and advertising agencies owners to stop exploiting women. This cause is one of the strategic themes Fe-Male is working on, and it expanded and continued beyond an individual project to day-to-day work.

Key activities:

      • Producing a national legal study titled “Towards a Balanced Image of Women in the Media” that provides analysis from feminist perspectives on the existing laws regulating media content in Lebanon and recommendations for the Media and Advertising industries;
      • Producing regular reports that included data about “Monitoring Women’s Image in Media and Advertising”;
      • Launching online awareness raising and advocacy campaigns;
      • Producing and launching “Image Upon Request” documentary which highlighted the reality of women’s image in media and ads;
      • Establishing a National Network to Change Women’s Image in Media and Advertising in Lebanon.