Donors and partners: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the kingdom of Netherlands and ABAAD.

Objective: Mitigating the root causes of gender-based violence for both refugee and host communities, in the domestic and public spheres. It sought enhancing a better quality of life free from violence, through prevention, empowerment and protection mechanisms.

Key Activities:

  • Focus group discussions with journalists, activists, gender experts, researchers, and social workers to develop a code of conduct that focuses on women survivors of GBV and that was later regarded as a reference to all journalists, reporters and media institutions to ensure the enhancement of women and girls’ situation through media and highlight the ethical dilemmas of media coverage of GBV survivors;

  • Producing a holistic training toolkit on gender-sensitive media coverage for journalists and journalism trainers;

  • Organizing and delivering training workshops that targeted journalists, correspondents and reporters to develop their knowledge and skills on gender-sensitive media coverage for both written and visual media;

  • Organizing and conducting an intensive workshop for journalists on gender-sensitive investigative journalism;

  • Launching a competition among journalists to select investigative reports to be produced and published on Fe-Male’s website and social media platforms;

  • Organizing and conducting self-care sessions for journalists and correspondents, especially those who witness repetitive, frequent, and prolonged traumatic content, through which they learned new stress coping strategies as well as breathing and mindfulness techniques;

  • Organizing and conducting a national conference to launch the training toolkit and the COC.