Donors and partners: International Labor Organization-ILO and the global My Fair Home (MFH) campaign

Objective: Educating employers of domestic workers about their rights and responsibilities and changing negative attitudes and behaviors among youth and employers to ensure a decent and rightful work environment.

Key Activities:

  • Establishing an advocacy youth network from 15 young women and men;

  • Building the capacities, sensitizing, and mobilizing the youth to become agents of attitude and behavioral change towards migrant domestic workers within the family and in their communities;

  • Obtaining signatures for the fair treatment of MDW’s pledge;

  • Visiting universities and raising awareness on MDW’s rights;

  • Producing innovative visual content and launching an online social media campaign that highlighted the suffering of the MDWs under the “Kafala” system;


  • Regional Youth Forum that took place in Beirut to exchange information, ideas, and examine the challenges and learnings between the participating youth from Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar and Lebanon;

  • Storytelling event titled “Holidays Away from Home” targeting a number of migrant domestic workers and youth network members.