Within the framework of a project implemented in partnership with The Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering-RDFL and funded by IM-Swedish, Fe-Male Organization released its second documentary, tackling this time the issue of sexual and gender based violence against women and girls, on the 27th of November, 2015 in a launching event that took place in Beirut. The event gathered diverse participants from schools, universities, CSOs, and media.
Rafca Abou Yunis, the Project Coordinator at RDFL, opened the ceremony by stating the aims of the project, of which were to conduct numerous awareness raising sessions, panels and meetings in different areas of the country on SGBV, for the purpose of supporting women in their struggle. Rafca reaffirmed the necessity for collective efforts between all parties of the government and the civil society to confront violence against women.
Following was a discussion moderated by Fe-Male’s Co-Director, Hayat Mirshad, who began by firstly saluting all women who face sexual violence and especially those who suffer from religious extremism, armed conflict, and women who are victims or survivors of domestic violence in Lebanon, mentioning Lamis Daoud who was killed by her husband on the International Day of Eliminating Violence Against Women. “According to the latest statistics issued by the United Nations, one of 3 women around the world has suffered in her life from violence, both physical and sexual,” Mirshad said. In her turn, Caroline Slaiby, Vice President of RDFL, stressed the necessity of pressuring the government to pass laws that protect women from all types of violence, especially sexual, in addition to the need to amend the law to protect women domestic violence.
The launching event, which primarily focused on releasing the documentary as a tool for awareness raising, had wide media coverage, including the most popular local TV stations in Lebanon.