Each year, Fe-Male supports university students from different fields and regions working on women empowerment issues. This year, Fe-Male had the pleasure to guide a group of young women from the Lebanese University, Faculty of Journalism and Public Relations, in their “Hiyaa” campaign that aims at ensuring a media free from stereotyping and discrimination for all female journalists.

Below is an excerpt from their campaign:

“The “Hiyaa” campaign is a campaign whose vision is to show stereotypes on the surface, tear them up and get rid of their standards. This can only be done by putting pressure on media institutions and educating graduate students to prevent them from submitting to these superficial employment standards. Hence, the content of our message and our vision for you, but every graduate has a brilliant idea.
This file is a public relations campaign and a dream we seek to achieve in order to enter a fair media world for the various female media professionals who dreamed of reaching and touching the threshold of the screen, from here was our campaign, our dream and your dream.

H:hard work feminisms
I:Implementation of a stress base
Y:youth and women power
A:activism reshaping power
A:awareness of female journalists

Our messages

●Raising female voices loudly
●Putting an end to stereotype standard
●Awareness of female journalists Pressure on institution
●Launching our first event
●Inspiring and supporting journalists”