Donor: MIC2 (touch) – Lebanon

Objective: Empowering young girls and women in two Lebanese rural areas (Bekaa-West and Akkar-North) and giving them a chance to enhance their capacities and skills in different domains. They were trained on critical thinking, to become leaders in their community and to improve their advocacy and communication skills while ensuring their cyber-security.

Rural women’s improved capacity building and education is crucial to enable them to acquire the knowledge and skills required to expand and initiate income-generating activities in a changing rural economy. Access to courses in vocational training and continuing education is difficult in rural areas, due to distance, lack of transportation and child-care facilities, etc.

Key Activities:

  • Developing a local training program which included part-time courses focused on introducing rural women to the English language and issues related to ICT; i.e. computer literacy and the use of smart phones and the related social media platforms, through which they were informed about cybercrimes and ways to deal with them and learn more about cybersecurity.

  • Conducting awareness-raising sessions on women’s rights, business planning, entrepreneurship, leadership, public-speaking, decision-making, and self-assertion.