Throughout the years, women have been struggling to voice out their demands of equality and the right to live in dignity. Since the beginning of their fight against the patriarchal system, global feminist movements were formed and the journey for attaining justice and equality began. Women all over the world were in continuous pursue of the various ways that would echo their demands and establish equality in power. Women’s demands were taken to the streets through secret meetings, sit-ins, demonstrations, protest marches… and most recently through media.  Fe-Male was one of the leading organizations in Lebanon, working to ensure gender-sensitive and balanced coverage and image for women and girls in media through different initiatives including Sharika Wa Laken: .

Sharika Wa Laken was the first feminist electronic news website in the Middle East which aims at raising awareness on women’s rights and causes such as those related to citizenship rights where women can’t pass their nationality to their non-Lebanese children, fighting child marriage, protecting girls from cyber-crimes…. Starting out as a radio program in 2012 and continuing along a two-year period of time, Sharika Wa Laken duly moved to the online sphere to serve as a platform that promotes feminism, highlights women’s issues, documents their stories, ensures that girls and women have access to accurate and abundance of information. It further works to ensure that they are equipped with appropriate feminist knowledge and resources that can facilitate overcoming the society’s existing and imposed inequalities and engaging them as agents of change in the struggle for a community free of patriarchy. 

Today, we celebrate Sharika Wa Laken website’s 5th anniversary! 5 years of shedding the light on women and girls’ reality, advocating their rights and supporting them in all fields, campaigning against discriminatory norms and the patriarchal system! Sharika Wa Laken has also had its share of influence on shaping the public’s opinions in favor of the marginalized groups like migrant domestic workers, LGBTQI+ community and Syrian women refugees. 

5 years of achievements and we aim to continue our fight for a better future for women and girls!